Balance your time on snow and in the classroom with the ski academy atmosphere of 澳门金沙app下载. 我们有高质量的课程和运动机会, you don’t need to choose between your passion for sports and your desire for excellent college-preparatory education — you can have both.

无论你对高山赛车还是北欧赛事感兴趣, you can find the support you need as a student-athlete to fulfill your passion for excellence in sport and academics. 我们的领导团队和合作伙伴实现了奥运梦想, 澳门金沙app下载可以成为你成就伟大的基础. 正如我们所说,它是“可能发生的地方”.”



At 澳门金沙app下载, we attract students from all over the country and from many parts of the world. 我们多元化的学生运动员群体享有以下好处:

  • Olympic and alpine industry experience and leadership from 汤米Biesemeyer, Director of 滑雪 
  • Relationship with 纽约 State Ski Education Foundation (NYSEF), a "Gold Certified Club"
  • 占地85英亩的校园位于世界著名的奥运会目的地普莱西德湖
  • Located minutes from 成白脸山, the Lake Placid Olympic Jumping Complex, and Mt. 范Hoevenberg with million of dollars recently invested in upgrades for the 2023 FISU Games
  • 采用先进课程和在地学习的私立学校教育
  • 户外节目体验阿迪朗达克山的荒野
  • Winter schedule, academic tutors at camps, and technology platform to support travel and academics 
  • Strength and conditioning coaches and on-site technician and tuning facility with a Wintersteiger machine
  • 大学咨询和安排选择滑雪学校 
  • 学生和校友在这项运动的最高水平上取得的成就


澳门金沙app下载的滑雪主管, 汤米Biesemeyer, 在经历了12年传奇的职业赛车生涯后,他加入了澳门金沙app下载, 代表美国队参加2018年奥运会.  他是纽约基恩的居民,在滑雪界被称为“B.Z.," Biesemeyer began skiing at the age of three and had his first race at age seven when he joined the NYSEF program at 成白脸山. At 12, Biesemeyer competed in J3 and J4 races but always had sights set on the U.S. 滑雪团队. 2003年青少年奥运会的胜利开启了他的这条道路, 然后他在2010年首次参加世界杯,并在2018年参加了奥运会. 


澳门金沙app下载 纽约滑雪教育基金会(NYSEF) 保持长期的关系. The Northwood student-athletes in alpine, ski jumping, and Nordic are all members of NYSEF.  被美国滑雪协会评为“金牌认证俱乐部” & 滑雪板, NYSEF是该组织最初的八个黄金俱乐部成员之一, and the group has been a leader in snow-sport education for nearly 50 years. Many of our student-athletes migrate from NYSEF's Winter Term program and enroll in 澳门金沙app下载, and then transition to NYSEF's PG program to continue to further their athletic career. 

通过与NYSEF的合作,我们分享经验 教练组 并在旱地项目和雪地训练营上合作. NYSEF also provides student-athletes with lodge facilities and training opportunities at the venues in partnership with the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA).


是1932年和1980年冬季奥运会的举办地, Lake Placid's Olympic venues are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in modernization in anticipation of the World University Games in January 2023. The exceptional venues that our student-athletes train and compete at include: 

  • 成白脸山, the greatest vertical drop in the East is ten minutes from the 澳门金沙app下载 campus
  • 新建的冷藏进站轨道 普莱西德湖跳台滑雪综合设施, allow student-athletes to train on iced tracks in conditions up to 50 degrees - even on warm winter days, 竞争, 培训课程将按计划继续进行.
  • 北欧中心 Mt. 范Hoevenberg has the best snowmaking in all of North America with its newly expanded snowmaking abilities. The venue can cover 5km of trails in 3-4 days - allowing for training to begin as early as October.
  • 山的新冬季两项体育场. 范Hoevenberg, 其中包括30排冬季两项射击场, making the venue equipped to host the largest biathlon and cross-country ski races in the world.

Athletes from all over the world come to these venues to train and compete providing the opportunity for our student-athletes to train alongside development and national teams members like the US Biathlon Association (USBA), 美国北欧, 以及美国滑雪队.


帮助我们的学生运动员在滑雪方面取得进步, we give them access to world-class training camps around the world and dryland training blocks on campus. As a day or boarding school student at Northwood, you can enjoy the following:

  • On-snow summer training camps in Oregon, Europe, and in the Southern Hemisphere
  • 澳门金沙app下载校园里的旱地秋季训练区
  • 10月份去奥地利进行雪地训练
  • 11月去科罗拉多的雪地训练之旅
  • 雪上冬季训练 成白脸山 an Olympic mountain and the site of championships such as the Nor-Am Cup, NCAA, USCSA, U.S. 全国赛和U16全国赛

During the fall, you also have the opportunity to diversify by joining other 课余活动 在我们普莱西德湖的校园里.


The staff at Northwood work closely with our student-athletes to help balance their athletic careers and academic successes. NYSEF教练帮助运动员在雪地上培养他们的潜力, while teachers help to support their academic progress during training camps and throughout the competitive season. 

澳门金沙app下载, our student-athletes enjoy a demanding training environment that is also fun, 包容, 和支持. 培养学生运动员的成功, 我们期待承诺, 责任, 以及各个层面的奉献精神, 无论是课程还是培训.


滑雪 at Northwood has had a tradition of outstanding achievement since 1950. Northwood 滑雪团队 graduates have competed at the national collegiate level, 代表美国队参加世界杯.S. 滑雪团队 members, and represented their nations in several Winter Olympics. Northwood Ski 校友 have also continued their education at distinguished universities such as Bates, 波士顿学院, 科尔比, 科罗拉多州, 达特茅斯, 丹佛, 哈佛大学, 麦吉尔, 明德, 普利茅斯州立, St. 劳伦斯大学,UNH大学,UVM大学等.


  • Andrew Weibrecht '03(美国),两届奥运会奖牌获得者 & 2016年世界杯五次前五名
  • Kevin Drury '06 (CAN),目前在Ski-Cross世界排名第一
  • Sarah Bennett, 2020-21 CAST NextGen Program Recognized Athletes, Ski Québec Alpin

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